Miss Shelrawka is a highly sought-after DJ who made her mark on the Seattle music scene in 2008 after relocating from New York City. With over 20 years of experience, Miss Shelrawka has played alongside top-notch artists such as Sassmouth, Claude Young, Panpot, Dustin Zahn, Truncate, Woody McBride/E.S.P, DJ Hyperactive, and Richie Hawtin. Her mixing style is characterized by its cleanliness and precision, and she has a talent for incorporating multi-genre sounds into her sets.

Dave Segal of The Stranger describes her as an artist who infuses her sets with an East Coast energy and grittiness, resulting in undeniably seductive techno and house mixes. Miss Shelrawka is particularly skilled at creating velvety blends of different genres within Techno and House, all while keeping the basslines front and center.She has a talent for delivering a unique style of tech-ness that will leave audiences wanting more which has earned her a reputation as a rising star in the underground music scene.Her past residencies include Tenth Aesthetic, +PLUS Techno, and Mobius Sisters.